This duo consists of a facial oil with seanbuckthorn and a stunning golden lymphatic drainage device. 


BSB BEAUTY GLOBES™ - improves circulation, sculpts your jawline, releases fluids and reduces swelling, particularly in the eye area. Use of the glow-sicles helps to increase the efficacy of eye treatments and serums by enhancing the skin's absorption ability, elasticity, collagen production and the tightening of skin tissue.


BSB BEAUTY GLOBES™ - increase stimulation, reduce pore size, improve blood flow to lymph nodes and enhance wellbeing.


BSB TISSUE REPAIR OIL - with seabuckthorn for normal and dry skin. This concentrated and nourishing multitasker is ideal alone or as a revitalizing add-on to your favorite moisturizing cream. A few drops massaged daily into the face, neck and décolleté will saturate skin with seabuckthorn lipids, wheat germ oil and dimethicone, known to fuel cell regeneration and improve skin texture. Also contains the newest occlusive, non-penetrating, non-comedogenic formula for trapping moisture.


Solution For:

Swelling or puffiness in the face. Blending products into the skin.


Key Ingredients:

Seabuckthorn Lipids, Wheat Germ Oil and Dimethicone


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  • Apply the facial oil and use the Glow-sicles to further massage the oil into the skin. Follow a lymphatic drainage chart for addional directions. Store your Glow-sicles in the fridge or chill on ice before using for added benefits.