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Introducing Raedia 2.0: which includes improved features to help level up your facial cleansing routine. A new, sleek design with travel friendly, ventilated case is perfect for the skincare lover. Raedia 2.0 has multiple speeds and is bidirectional, meaning it can spin in two different directions for optimal cleansing. Furthermore, the inner and outer brushes spin in opposite directions at the same time to avoid pulling on the skin. Raedia 2.0 helps to remove makeup, debris and dead skin. With multiple brush head attachments, and an additional body brush Raedia 2.0 is sure to satisfy all skin types!

  • New and improved ventilated case, with holes on front and back to guarantee dry, hygienic brushes
  • Brush heads sit in an optimal angle in case for quick drying 
  • Water resistant for comfortable in shower use 
  • Stronger motor for an even better clean 
  • Rechargeable 
  • Bidirectional (spins in 2 directions) 
  • Each brush head has two modes and two directions 
  • 1 additional body brush head attachment to exfoliate full body


Remove excess makeup before use. Attach your desired brush head. Turn on and change the mode. Use can either use it on dry skin without any product, on wet skin with a light cleanser such as BSB GENTLE CLEANSING MOUSSE or LUMINOUS SKIN GEL CLEANSER, or over a gentle scrub such as INSTANT MICROEXFOLIATING CLEANSER. Gently move the brush head in small circular motions over the area you are cleansing with or without water. Push the off when finished.

Please note:

  • Do not share brush heads.
  • Makeup can stain the bristles of the brush head; if so, clean the brush head with soap and water. 
  • Change your brush heads every two to three months.


1 - Facial cleansing brush 
1 - Body Brush 
1 - Silicone Brush for Sensitive Skin 
1 - Daily Cleansing Brush 
1 - Weekly Exfoliating Brush 
1 - Charging cable for rechargeable facial cleansing brush 
1 - Custom Storage and Travel Case

SKU: 812485028307
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