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Here's how BSB can help you incorporate Korean wisdom & tech
into your beauty regimen!

HYDRATE, hydrate! 
Line Reducing Moisture Complex (HA acid)
Super-Restorative Serum for normal & dehydrated skin
BSB Ampules Revive! Rose Stem Cell

Double your serum application. 
Bio-Active Vitamin C Serum with CAVIAR & CARAT Lift & Hold Serum.

Grab the GEL! 
Gel skincare products oil-free, water-based alternatives to creamy skincare.
Replenish Serum, Line Reducing Moisture Complex (HA acid)

Go for the MULTI-TASKING products
BB Plus Sunscreen SPF-35 – 4 IN ONE

Must-Have K-Pop Ingredients
Green Tea Extract - Don't just anti-oxidize internally, fight free radicals on your skin.

Vitamin C – 
Brighten, even out skin tone and fight free radicals
Bio-Active Vitamin C Serum for all skin types, Silky Smooth Line Reducing Oil with Vit. C

AHAs –
Gently exfoliate with a family of exfoliants for a glowing complexion
BSB Mini Peel Pads Multi-Acid Complex, Naturals Hibiscus & Green Tea Delicate Peel

Snail Mucin -
This ultra-healing exfoliating secretion is nutrient-rich and transforms skin.
Line Diminishing Serum Collagen, HA & snail enzyme

Peptides - Collagen, keratin, and elastin proteins 
work together to strengthen your skin.
Copper & Peptide Youth Serum with HA, COPPER Overnight Recovery Cream.

Anti-age par excellence with Vitamin B3's hydrating and collagen-boosting prowess.
LUMIPELÉ Pigment Lite Anti-Aging Serum, LUMIPELÉ Pigment Lite Anti-Aging Night Cream, LUMIPELÉ Tight & Lite Eye Serum


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